Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Which cell phone to develop for...

I have been wanting to convert some of my old game maker games to cell phone games for a while and have done quite a bit of research on what to develop for. Initially I was going to rewrite my games in java for sprint phones. The SDK (software development kit) was free after all. That is free, unless you wanted to take advantage of just about any of the features in the phones besides the keypad. Then I decided I wanted to take advantage of touch screens. Blackberry had a free SKD, but it was awful to work with.
Actually, now that I think about it, the initial idea of converting/rewriting my games for cell phones was from hearing how lucrative it is to create apps for the iPhone and iPod touch. But acquiring the SDK for it apparently is outside of my current budget, and has been for a while. So I needed to start with something cheaper. *shakes his fist at att* That's not the first time att has caused problems. Okay so its probably more an apple issue than an att issue, but anydangway...
So I still haven't come to a conclusion. Blackberry's development tools and developer support make me sick to my stomach... really. I really want to take advantage of touch screens so the simple java based phones are out. iPhone development is just going to have to wait, cause I can't afford the SDK and other fees at the moment. If anyone has some suggestions please leave some comments.

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